About us

Boundary Lodge Management Team

Boundary Lodge is managed by Claire Clark on behalf of the private owners of the building. Claire, and the owners of Boundary Lodge have many years of experience in student rental properties and they have pooled their knowledge, to design accommodation that provides you with a comfortable and secure place to live.

The Boundary Lodge Team also includes two Maintenance Managers. Maintenance issues are managed through the Boundary Lodge Website using a system which will also track the progress of any repairs as well as ensuring a swift response once reported.

Claire has an office in the building and is available for tenants to go to with any problems or questions about the property or life in Manchester more generally.

You can contact the office on 0161 232 9022 or by e mailing info@boundarylodge.com.

The Website

We have tried to describe the properties fairly and accurately but take no responsibility for any inaccuracies. It is incumbent on each Tenant to satisfy themselves with the property and its facilities before entering into a Tenancy Agreement.